Cider Profile: Colorado Cider Company’s Grasshop-Ah

This gluten free hard cider is perfect for a traditional beer lover. Colorado Cider Company’s  Grasshop-Ah is slightly hoppy, definitely not too sweet, and very refreshing. ABV: 6.95% Color: Clear Gold Colorado Cider Company was founded in 2011 to produce fresh hard cider for the discerning Colorado drinker.

Vanilla Icecream & Apple Pie Moonshine

  I needed an easy but AMAZING gift for some of my coworkers. We love going to happy hour together, so I thought a holiday cocktail would be the perfect thing! A few years back a friend gave me some Apple Pie Moonshine. It was delicious and I have been wanting to try to make…

Beer Profile: Unita’s Hop Nosh IPA

My husband and I love (and when I say love, I mean LOVE) IPA’s. They are bold and refreshing, complex and powerful. Tonight on the way home from work, Jack (my husband) picked up this fine specimen of a beer, Uinta’s Hop Nosh IPA. The American IPA, brewed in Utah is available all year long….

The Fuzzy Apple

The other night, I received a call from some out of town friends! “Surprise! We are in town and thought we would stop by to say hello!” I hung up with them, looked around my messing living room and panicked! Not only was my house a mess, I didn’t have any wine to offer them….

Old Fashioned with a Cranberry Twist

I love making a traditional drink and adding a little twist to it.  In the holiday spirit, I am adding cranberries to one of the most traditional drinks out there – an Old Fashioned! The cranberries will add a slight tartness that compliments the robustness of the whiskey. Ingredients Sugar cubes (If you don’t have any cubes,…